About Us

About Animal Liberation Queensland (ALQ)

Animal Liberation Queensland (ALQ) is an independent animal rights organisation, founded in 1979, which advocates the rights of non-human animals so that they may live free from abuse, cruelty, and exploitation. ALQ is a not-for-profit organisation in the state of Queensland and a registered charity.

LohoOur Vision

A world where all nonhuman animals live free from abuse, exploitation, and suffering. Speciesist attitudes are rejected by society and veganism is accepted as the norm.

Mission Statement

To protect all animals from abuse, exploitation and suffering; to foster respectful and compassionate community attitudes towards animals; and to promote veganism as the most ethical and ecologically sustainable lifestyle.


Animal Liberation Queensland Limited (ALQ) aims to achieve its mission by:

  • Exposing animal abuse and exploitation to bring widespread public attention to animal issues
  • Campaigning to increase consumer awareness of animal rights issues
  • Providing free educational resources to the community
  • Pursuing legislative change at local, state and federal levels
  • Collaborating with other state and national animal advocacy organisations where there are opportunities to undertake joint campaigns and share resources
  • Maintaining its political independence by actively seeking to raise its own funds for ongoing growth and development
  • Adhering to a policy of non-violence, inclusiveness and collaboration.


Why you should support us

ALQ is currently an entirely volunteer run organisation. Our hard working team of volunteers ensures that overhead costs are minimised and allows us to direct the majority of funds towards campaign activities, investigating animal cruelty, and educating the public on animal rights issues, including the production of booklets and fliers.

Past Successes*

  • In February 2015 ALQ (together with Animals Australia) exposed the cruel practice of live baiting in the greyhound racing industry in Australia. This led to a complete shake up and overhaul of the industry, an end to industry self-regulation in Queensland and dozens of animal cruelty prosecutions.
  • Our greyhound racing investigations have resulted in a number of inquiries across several states in Australia. In NSW the inquiry there has gone on to influence Premier Baird to announce a ban on greyhound racing in NSW by July 2017. 
  • We were part of the Save Swan Lake Alliance which helped save Swan Lake at the Port of Brisbane from being turned into a carpark in November 2013.
  • In October 2013 we launched Chickadee, Australia's first animal rights magazine aimed at teen and pre-teen girls.
  • Exotic animal circuses banned from Ipswich City Council (2009) and Gold Coast City Council (August 2009) land. Gold Coast City Council did reverse the ban in 2013, but then reinstated the ban on circuses with exotic animals using council land in September 2016. 
  • Recreational shooting of native ducks and quail banned in Queensland in 2006.
  • We have assisted many University students in veterinary and life sciences courses to conscientiously object to harmful and outdated animal tests.
  • Contributed to several positive changes in animal welfare codes and the Animal Care and Protection Act (Qld).
  • Helped bring in a ban on fire face-branding of cattle in Queensland.

As well as the above successes, we have helped bring animal rights issues to the public's attention through media, TV exposure, community stalls, events, flier distribution, as well as through our web site and social media. We have educated, influenced, and supported countless individuals to adopt a vegan diet and move towards a more ethical way of life.

* ALQ is grateful of the assistance of other animal protection and environment groups which we regularly collaborate with. It is only by working together with a broad range of groups, with a variety of tactics over a period of time that many of these wins for animals have been possible.


How you can support us