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My name is Jack and this is my story

Dairy calf at Queensland saleyards

At the time of this story it is Australia Day 2015, over 35 degrees and I am at least 5 days, not really sure but I was taken from my mother yesterday. It is now after 9 am and I am in a pen approx 1m x 2m with my friend who I met on the truck while being transported here and he is very very frightened. My mother said through painful tears, as I was forcibly taken away from her, to be brave, hold on to my dignity and help my friends and one day she would meet again when our lives as we know it are over. She also said some angels would come to visit me.


What's wrong with dairy?

Rolling green pastures? Happy cows and calves? Wrong. 

The dairy industry’s marketing machine tells an idyllic story of cows and calves frolicking in green meadows, carefree and happy. The reality – cows and calves suffer on dairy farms. While shoppers pay a seemingly small price for a litre or two of milk, animals in the dairy industry pay the ultimate price.

Cows are mammals too. 


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