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Adopt, Don't Shop

With over 200,000 dogs euthanised throughout Australia each year in shelters, the message of ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ is literally saving lives each day. Our Puppy Farms campaigner Jaime Singleton explains what you need to know if you’re thinking of bringing a fur-ever friend into your family, or know anyone who is...
What is a puppy farmer?

Pet shop lies exposed

This tiny puppy was born at a dreadful breeding facility. He was then sold for hundreds of dollars at a pet shop that denies sourcing puppies from substandard breeders. It is wrong, but not illegal.

Puppy farm deception

Puppies shouldn't equal profits. 

Puppy Farms

UPDATE: Check out our latest investigation into a puppy farmer providing to a Brisbane pet store that is misleading consumers.

Companion animals are a big part of Australian culture with around 5 million of the 7.5 million households in Australia being homes to dogs, cats and other animals. The companion animal industry is big business and estimates suggest it generates a profit of $8 billion annually. 

Qld Puppy Farm Submissions Closing Soon

The Queensland Government recently announced a Bill (Animal Management (Protecting Puppies) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016) to protect dogs and puppies in this state. While some of the proposed changes are very welcome, the legislation falls well short of what we believe is really needed to protect these animals and put a stop to puppy farming. Read more...

Make a submission

Please make a submission by 9 March 2016.

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