Adopt, Don't Shop

With over 200,000 dogs euthanised throughout Australia each year in shelters, the message of ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ is literally saving lives each day. Our Puppy Farms campaigner Jaime Singleton explains what you need to know if you’re thinking of bringing a fur-ever friend into your family, or know anyone who is...
What is a puppy farmer?
A puppy farmer is a breeder who owns large numbers of dogs and continuously breeds them for profit. Puppies are regularly sold under-age, and with physical and mental conditions associated with inbreeding, cross-breeding, poor nutrition and inadequate socialisation. Sadly, this leads to many animals ending up in pounds and shelters, surrendered due to their issues. What happens to the parents left behind at the farm? They regularly are shot when they are no longer profitable.
Why is it bad to buy from a breeder?
While there are some people who breed for the love of the breed, these are few and far between. Even then, buying from breeders ultimately leads to the death of countless animals awaiting rescue in shelters. The majority of people are unaware that there is a rescue group for virtually every breed of dog. Add the word ‘rescue’ to any breed in Google and see for yourself!
What about buying from pet shops?
Sadly, dogs for sale in pet shops are invariably supplied by puppy farmers and unscrupulous breeders. Some pet shops do advertise and aid in rehoming of rescue animals, but be careful to verify this, as some pet shops falsely advertise “rescue” animals from their own breeders.
And what about buying online?
Trading Post and Gumtree are notorious for selling animals, even though Gumtree’s parent company eBay has banned the sale of animals online. There are absolutely no checks in place as to where these dogs have come from, and no way to track their breeders. They are a puppy farmer's paradise to profiteer from cruelty.
What is being done to stop puppy farming in Qld?
New identification requirements for breeders are coming into force in May, to trace all puppies sold in Queensland. Sadly this is insufficient to safeguard dogs from the cruelty of puppy farming, and they will continue to suffer while puppy farmers profiteer.
How can you help save countless lives?
Always Adopt, Don’t Shop. Ensure your companion animals are desexed, as well as registered and microchipped so they can be returned to you if they ever are lost. And remember, an animal is a friend for life!
If you would like to know more about puppy farms and our campaign, please go to or email [email protected].