Brightview Chicken Farm

LL & Sons 400,000 bird chicken farm, 49 Court Avenue and Stone Gully Road, Brightview


LL & Sons are seeking approval from the Somerset Regional Council to build a 400,000 chicken farm in Brightview. The development includes the construction of 8 sheds which will house up to 50,000 chickens per shed. 


The proposed site for these sheds is within 5 km of hundreds of homes. The applicant has used the rural zoning of the area to justify this, however, living in a rural area should not mean that residents are forced to put up with offensive odours and potentially harmful air quality.


Most chicken farms depopulate the sheds at night, so there is also a risk that neighbouring residents will be impacted by noise when trying to sleep. The development will also result in an increase in heavy vehicles on local roads.


Whilst this development sits just beyond the mapped flood plain, it is still extremely close to flood-prone land, and runoff from the farm is likely to impact high ecological significant wetlands. It is also extremely close to core koala habitat. 


Council submissions are now closed for this development application. Thank you to the 120+ community members who sent submissions through this website.

To access the development plans and keep up to date on the application process, visit:


We will update submitters as information becomes available. In the meantime, it's suggested that you also attempt to reach out to your Councillors and raise your concerns with them directly.