Pauls Queensland dairy exposed!

Animal Liberation Queensland and Aussie Farms has released undercover footage showing what happens behind the scenes in the dairy industry. Footage covers a dairy farm supplying to Pauls, a saleyard and slaughterhouse.

Most dairy consumers would be horrified to learn the truth hidden behind the dairy industry’s glossy marketing. Calves separated from their mothers at birth, confined in filthy small cages, electric prods at the saleyard, and then strung up to have their throats slit at the slaughterhouse… these are the images the dairy industry doesn’t want you to see.

The video footage we have obtained shows the standard industry practices used in the dairy industry. The dairy farm exposed is not just some rogue operator – this is a supplier for major dairy brand Pauls (owned by Parmalat).

Animal Liberation Qld reported this dairy farm to authorities two years ago and it was investigated by the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. Yet two years later, no visible changes can be seen, so we can only assume they’ve been given the tick of approval by authorities.

We want people to understand where their dairy comes from and make kinder choices.

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