Fight Climate Change with Diet Change billboard

New Climate Change Billboards

February 2020

Our new billboard launched in Fortitude Valley in February 2020, following the devastating bushfires in Victoria and NSW, drawing the link between animal agriculture and climate change. 

Animal agriculture is an ecological disaster. If we really want to address climate change, the government needs to stop ignoring the science, stop allowing massive land clearing for the beef industry, and start investing in the rapidly growing plant-based protein industry.

We know that more and more of the public are now concerned about climate change. The single, most effective way that individuals can reduce their footprint on the planet is to go vegan. Our billboard and website aims to help them make that connection.

The website, contains information about the link between animal agriculture and climate change and invites people to request a free 'veg kit'.

Despite initially being rejected by Queensland Rail from billboard locations on their property, the billboard has gone up for 3 months in digital billboard locations around Brisbane CBD from February to May 2020. The second phase of the campaign will be launched later this year. 

Billboard: 'Fight Climate Change with Diet Change'