Greyhounds prefer comfort over speed

They weren't born for racing 

Contrary to what some would have you believe, greyhounds were not ‘born’ for racing. In fact, you are unlikely to find a more quiet, lethargic breed of dog. In truth, these sedentary dogs would prefer to spend time on your couch than a racing track. No-one would deny that greyhounds are very good at sprinting over a short distance; but running at top speeds around a circular race track with many other dogs is just too dangerous, with frequent collisions and injuries. It belies far more significant truths about the dog, such as their gentle, sensitive, warm nature and their calm, patient tolerance and a social need to interact with others. Like all dogs, they are loyal to the core, as loving as they are lazy.

They are not naturally aggressive

It’s important to remember that greyhounds were provoked, goaded, encouraged then rewarded by trainers with regards to live baiting; this behaviour goes against their very nature. Greyhounds are victims too; forced to chase to give people a winning advantage.


They are victims too

Thousands of greyhounds are bred each year in the hopes of producing a "winner". Sadly, thousands are killed because they are deemed worthless by an industry that treats them like commodities. 

They need loving homes

If you’re wondering what you can do to help, then a greyhound could be the dog for you. With the right investment of time, care, kindness and understanding – a greyhound will return your love with interest and form a bond with you for life. Greyhounds are a delightful addition to any family and suit people of all ages, from children to the elderly. Preferring an inactive lifestyle; these docile, couch potatoes enjoying spending their time lounging around or sleeping over anything else! Enjoying comfort over speed, they are a truly low-maintenance dog; with frequent short walks all they need when it comes to exercise.

Remember that while some greyhounds do get along with cats, due to how ex-racing greyhounds have been forced to behave, some will not be suitable to live with them or other small, furry pets. In addition, they have been taught to chase and have grown up with this as an expectation, so it may take time for them to understand this isn’t okay.

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