Have your say: Review of live sheep exports

January 2022

Australian sheep need your URGENT help.

The Australian government is now reviewing the live export of sheep to the Middle East in the hottest part of the year, known as the Northern Hemisphere Summer.

We have not forgotten the horrific footage of sheep boiling alive the Awassi Express which was exposed on 60 Minutes in 2018. This footage triggered the government to impose a prohibition in 2020 on the live export of sheep from 01 June to 14 September.

Alarmingly though, the prohibition is now at risk with an overall reduction in the prohibition dates. While the government supports a prohibition generally, an overall reduction in prohibition dates means that more Australian sheep could be sent to the Middle East at the hottest time of the year.

We cannot let the government or the live export industry back-flip on this. We cannot let Australian sheep continue to be live exported on long-haul sea voyages at risk of heat stress, over-crowding and severe animal welfare issues. 

Lodge a brief submission in your own words by 5pm 28 January 2022 to let the government know that we want an END to live export and that any reduction in the prohibition dates is cruel.

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