Tomorrow marks the beginning of Beef Australia's Beef Week - the Australian Beef industry's expo which happens every three years in Rockhampton to celebrate Australia's huge beef industry.
Animal Liberation Queensland and Aussie Farms has released undercover footage showing what happens behind the scenes in the dairy industry. Footage covers a dairy farm supplying to Pauls, a saleyard and slaughterhouse.
With over 200,000 dogs euthanised throughout Australia each year in shelters, the message of ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ is literally saving lives each day. Our Puppy Farms campaigner Jaime Singleton explains what you need to know if you’re thinking of bringing a fur-ever friend into your family, or know...
This tiny puppy was born at a dreadful breeding facility. He was then sold for hundreds of dollars at a pet shop that denies sourcing puppies from substandard breeders. It is wrong, but not illegal.
Greyhound Racing - Shut It Down
More than 2 years since Animal Liberation Qld's groundbreaking investigation with Animals Australia, showing widespread live baiting taking place, little has changed in the greyhound racing industry. Refer to our media release for more details. 
Greyhound Racing
Rodeo Billboard Censored
Calf roping is the cruellest rodeo sport and our first billboard design, using images from a Qld rodeo, was even judged too violent to be shown. But it’s the sport itself that is too violent! It’s definitely time to ban calf roping in Qld, just like it is in Victoria and South Australia.
Calf Scruffing - Quamby Rodeo
Calves are sweet, sensitive animals who do not deserve to be tormented by members of the public for the sake of 'entertainment'. In calf scruffing events, they are chased, have their tails pulled and are wrestled to the ground - it would be naive in the extreme to think this doesn't cause them...