Whale off the Gold Coast - Rebecca Griffiths Photography

Shark nets out now - Adopt modern alternatives

Despite no evidence that they contribute to swimmer safety, Queensland uses shark nets and drumlines as part of its shark control program.

Shark nets and drumlines are extremely dangerous to marine life that can get tangled - including whales as they migrate up the Queensland coast. Sharks are also needlessly killed on lethal drumlines - often suffering slow cruel deaths. 

New South Whales has already removed the shark nets during the whale migration. At a minimum, Queensland should do the same. Ideally, lethal drumlines should also be removed entirely and replaced with more modern non-lethal technology. A coalition for marine protection groups last year released a report that demonstrates that non-lethal shark control technologies are not only more effective and save wildlife but also cost less to run. Find out more below or download the full proposal here.

ALQ is a member of the Nets Out Now alliance. Learn more about shark nets and drumlines at Nets Out Now website. 

Please email your MP using the form below (or the Queensland Premier if you live outside of Queensland).

We encourage you to also email the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister for Tourism at [email protected] and [email protected]. (You can do this by copy and pasting the template below, adding your own words, and signing your name and address at the bottom).

Please also phone the Minister's office on (07) 3719 7420. 

Above - Photo: Rebecca Griffiths Photography. Whale off the Gold Coast - May 2020.


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