Stop the East Kooroon MEGA Feedlot

An application for a new 10,000 sheep and 50,000 cow mega feedlot next to the Ula Ula State Forest has been lodged with the Balonne Shire Council. If approved, this feedlot will have a detrimental impact on the environment, the local ecosystem, as well as resulting in the confinement and suffering (and ultimately, the slaughter) of tens of thousands of animals every year.

This new feedlot application must be challenged and opposed.

The Balonne Shire Council is accepting public submissions regarding this application until 07/07/21. Please speak up for the thousands of sheep and cows as well as the impact on wildlife that will be affected by this factory farm.

Our main arguments for opposing this development are: 

1. Water Usage has been underestimated.
2. This development will threaten the health and biodiversity of the local ecosystem.
3. Unacceptable risk to Moonie River and associated ecosystem.
4. Waste management and associated pollution, groundwater pollution, emissions and vermin.
5. The detrimental impacts of intensive, 'factory' farming on animal welfare, the environment — and people


UPDATE: Submissions closed 07/07/21. Thank you to the more than 1800 supporters who made a submission through our website, and the many more who made a submission directly to oppose this development.

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