Greyhound Racing Protest at Ipswich - Feb 2020

Stop the Ipswich Greyhound Racing Track


The proposal has been endorsed by the Deputy Premier & Planning Minister, Steven Miles, and is currently being considered using a Ministerial Infrastructure Designation process - a process that side-steps local government. 

After the Queensland government announced the plan in 2019, almost 70,000 people signed a petition asking for the plan to be scrapped. The government has ignored this. 

Greyhound racing leads to hundreds of dogs dying on racetracks, from overbreeding, or being killed by owners when they are no longer profitable. In 2015, we exposed widespread live baiting (using live animals on the lure to entice dogs to chase), along with mass graves, animal cruelty, drug use, and other serious animal welfare and integrity issues. Many of these issues continue today, and many of the trainers implicated back then continue their involvement with the industry today. Read more here...

The proposed location contains core habitat for threatened species such as koalas and grey-headed flying foxes and is close to culturally significant areas and artifacts that are sacred to First Nations people. 

The Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre will cost close to $40 million, money which is coming directly from the state government. There are so many ways to spend $40 million in Ipswich which would benefit the community as a whole. This investment will result in the exploitation, injury and death of many greyhounds and will contribute to gambling and binge drinking. 

The community does NOT want a new greyhound racing track in Ipswich. For further information on the proposed track, refer to the state government MID consultation documents here (MID-1021-0543 - Greater Brisbane Greyhound Centre) or Racing Queensland's website for the project here

UPDATE 12 FEB 2022: Thank you to the more than 10,000 people who put in submissions here before they closed 11 February 2022.
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UPDATE 20 MAR 2022: Thank you to the 150 people (plus greyhounds!) who joined us on 19th March to protest outside the track. Watch this space for further updates and future protests.