Stop the Mount Walker Puppy Farm

Stop the Mount Walker Puppy Farm

December 2021

There is a new development application currently with the Scenic Rim Regional Council for a new puppy farm which would allow the applicants to keep up to 50 ‘breeding’ dogs at a time.

This puppy farm would be located at Mount Walker, and would primarily breed so-called ‘designer’ cross breeds like bordoodles, moodles and shmoodles.

Puppy farms are not only extremely cruel towards ‘man’s best friend’, they are also completely out of touch with a society of people who want better welfare conditions for animals. 

In October 2021, the Sunshine Coast Council listened to the thousands of members of the public who objected to the proposed Diamond Valley Puppy Farm in Landsborough and rejected the application. We are hoping that this sets a precedent and that other councils follow their lead and block proposed developments like this. 

Please take a moment to send in a submission to let the council know that you want this development application rejected in full.

Note: By completing the form below, this will be considered by the council as a submission and may be published by the council. 


UPDATE: 10/01/2022 - Submisisons to council are now closed. Thank you to the more than 3300 of you who made a submission. We will keep you updated as this development progresses.