Stop the SP Northern Farm Piggery Expansion

An application for the expansion of SP Northern Farming Operations’ Piggery in Lundavra, near Goondiwindi, has been lodged with the Goondiwindi Regional Council. The expansion would allow the piggery to house around 110,000 pigs at any time and would make it one of the largest piggeries in Australia. This will have a detrimental impact on the environment, the local ecosystem, as well as resulting in the confinement and suffering (and ultimately, the slaughter) of hundreds of thousands of animals every year.

This application must be rejected.

The Goondiwindi Regional Council is accepting public submissions regarding this application until 27/07/21. Please speak up for the millions of pigs, as well as the wildlife and the nearby school that will be negatively impacted by this factory farm.

We have included a template below which is ready to send, however, we strongly recommend that you edit it to include your own thoughts and respectful opinions,  or write your own based on some of the suggested points below.


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