Minister: Stop the Tungamah Feedlot

An Australian local council - the Western Downs Regional Council in Queensland - has recently approved a development application for a massive 65,000 SCU (standard ‘cattle’ unit) feedlot. Disappointingly, due to the council’s planning scheme, all proposed factory farms in the Western Downs region are not considered ‘impact assessable’, and therefore require no public consultation. There has been no opportunity to raise concerns about the environment, traffic, noise, odour or any of the wide range of issues associated with feedlots.

The development application highlights some serious animal welfare issues, as well as inconsistencies in water estimates and a lack of insight into their environmental impacts.

If this feedlot is built, it will be the second largest feedlot in the Southern Hemisphere. This feedlot would primarily produce 'beef' for export, keeping cows confined for around 400 days before being slaughtered and sent to overseas markets. It would also generate an obscene amount of greenhouse gas emissions, manure, effluent, and would require enormous amounts of water.

We have asked the Deputy Premier & Minister for State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning, Steven Miles, to ‘call in’ the development application and to take control of the assessment and to overturn the approval and stop this feedlot from going ahead.

Please use the template below to also raise your concerns with the Deputy Premier of Queensland, Australia.

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