‘Why we stand in front of cattle trucks’: Vegans

6th Feb 2018 

FORMING a blockade of signs that read 'stop killing animals' metres from the front grill of a B-double truck, animal activists stopped a truck full of cattle from entering a meatworks.

Five members of the Brisbane Animal Save group blocked off the front of JBS Meatworks at Dinmore in January, while others rushed to the side of the truck with selfie-sticks to 'be with the animals'.

Brisbane Animal Save

Brisbane Animal Save, a collaboration between the Animal Save Movement and Animal Liberation Queensland, is dedicated to bearing witness to the suffering of farmed animals, educating the public about their plight, and advocating for veganism.

We hold regular peaceful vigils outside Queensland slaughterhouses as well as at factory farms. The vigils are a rare chance to come close to the animals in the ‘food system’, to stand in sympathy with them, acknowledge their suffering, and look into their eyes with kindness.



Life of a Pig 

Around 90 per cent of ‘commercial’ pigs in Australia are factory-farmed, and it's hard to imagine what these animals endure in their brief lives.  As piglets, they are taken from their mother after being born and then castrated, their tails sliced off, and their teeth clipped. These procedures are all undertaken without anaesthetic. They are then forced to live in over-crowded stalls on concrete floors covered in filth and faeces for the remainder of their lives before being sent to slaughter.



There are around 21 million hens in Australia’s egg industry, along with a further 7.5 million pullets. The majority of hens are confined in battery farms in small wire cages (the size of an A4 piece of paper) with up to five other hens. They stand on wire all day every day, which can cause deformities and constant pain and discomfort. Birds regularly die in their cages and can remain there for days until factory workers remove them. 


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