Say No to the Ashvale Chicken Factory Farm

UPDATE 8/2/22 - Submissions on the proposed chicken factory farm have now closed. Thank you to the more than 2500 supporters who put in submissions. We will keep you updated of any next steps.


The Somerset Regional Council is currently accepting public submissions regarding a 400,000 chicken factory farm. The proposal from Sword Agribusiness is for an RSPCA accredited free range capable poultry farm at Ashvale Farm in Harlin, around 14 kilometres north of Toogoolawah.

The farm would house 8 sheds, with each shed housing around 50,000 birds. At capacity, almost 2.5 million birds will languish in these sheds every year. Many will die before reaching ‘slaughter weight’. The rest will be trucked to a slaughterhouse between 5-7 weeks of age.

The proposed site is extremely close to koala habitat, and contains various watercourses which will be impacted from the development.

There are already hundreds of factory farms like this in Queensland. Let’s let Somerset Regional Council know that we don’t want another one.