Stop the 125 greyhound breeding and training facility

A development application for a 125 greyhound dog training and breeding facility is under public consultation for consideration by the Ipswich City Council. This development comes after the State Government ignored public sentiment by approving a new $40m Greyhound Track in Purga. If this facility is approved, it will likely result in many more similar developments moving into the area.


Please lodge a submission to oppose this development before 14 September 2023. We have provided a suggested template below, however, we strongly encourage you to use your own words for better impact.


Submissions are now closed for this development application. Thank you to the almost 6,000 people who lodged a submission through our website. We have sent a strong message to the Ipswich City Council that the public doesn't support greyhound racing!

We will keep you informed as updates emerge.








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