Object to the Woodlands Enterprises breeder poultry farm in Harlin

Woodlands Enterprises Pty Ltd are seeking approval from the Somerset Regional Council to build a 69,000 chicken farm in Harlin. The development includes the construction of 6 sheds which will house up to 11,500 chickens and roosters per shed. 


The proposed site for these sheds is within kilometres of dozens of homes, and around 5 km from another huge chicken farm. The applicant has used the rural zoning of the area to justify this, however, living in a rural area should not mean that residents are forced to put up with offensive odours, noise and potentially harmful air quality.


The application itself is largely void of substance and the required level of detail necessary with many critical areas (impacts/risks) not identified or adequately addressed. When a development has the potential to significantly impact neighbouring residents, as well as the environment and wildlife, there is an obligation on the applicant to address critical areas such as environmental management, waste management, traffic impacts, acoustics and so on. 


We have drafted a submission below to make it easy for residents to voice their concerns. Simply enter your details to send an objection to the council. We strongly encourage you to amend it slightly to add your own thoughts and words.

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