Bull breaks leg at Rockhampton rodeo practice event

Thursday, March 8, 2018
  • A bull broke his leg during a bull riding practice event in Rockhampton last night for local school students (believed to be from St Brendan’s College, Yeppoon)
  • Bull suffered for over an hour before activists were moved on
  • Activists witnessed a cattle prod being used on injured animal
"Tragically a bull broke his leg at a Great Western Hotel bull riding event in Rockhampton last night during a regular Wednesday night rodeo training session. The incident was filmed by Animal Liberation Qld activists." said Mr Chay Neal, Animal Liberation Qld spokesperson.
"To make matters worse, the bull was left to suffer for well over an hour without any veterinary treatment due to no vet being on site. Activists witnessed the use of a cattle prod in an attempt to load the animal onto a truck. This is a complete violation of animal cruelty laws to attempt to move an animal in this condition. With the dramatic and swift rise in hostility from the stock contractors, activists were then chased off site.
“Cruelty like this is exactly why we object to these forms of entertainment, which inflict completely unnecessary suffering on animals for the sole purpose of human entertainment.
"Who knows how many injuries like this take place but go completely unreported. Currently there is no requirement to have vets on site for these events and there is no register of injuries kept.
"Every animal welfare group in the country opposes rodeos. Cruelty like this, for the sole purpose of entertainment, has no place in this day and age. Isn't it time we rethink rodeos?" concluded Mr Neal. 
RSPCA Qld has been notified and an animal cruelty complaint is being prepared.
This incident comes less than 3 months after a bull broke his leg at an event at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. 

Footage available:
Further comment - Chay Neal (President) -  [email protected]

BackgroundAnimal Liberation Qld (ALQ) opposes rodeos due to the cruelty inflicted on animals as well as the risk of injury. Due to pressure from ALQ and more than 10,000 supporters who have signed our petition, the Queensland Government is currently considering a ban on calf roping. Further information as well as photos and footage available at RethinkRodeos.com.